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Nursing Home Abuse

Assisted living is a reality for many senior citizens who need ongoing medical care. Rarely does a family expect to deal with something so unthinkable as abuse or neglect in a certified nursing home or facility. But with a statistic as alarming as 1.6 million residents facing harm each year, it is hard to ignore the possibility.

With the aging of America, the statistics on nursing home abuse are alarming. Conservative estimates state that one in every three homes in the United States will be affected in some way by abuse of an elder relative while in a nursing home. There are currently more than 17,000 registered nursing home and elder care facilities. The number is expected to rise into the millions in the next three decades. Sadly, as the number of nursing home residents increases so does the frequency of abuse.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms, from basic negligence to withholding meals or liquids, physical abuse, sexual abuse, failure to treat medical conditions, unnecessary restraint, medication errors and emotional abuse. Lack of proper supervision can cause a resident to become disoriented or injured. Physical manifestations of neglect or abuse such as dehydration, scars, or other injuries, provide tangible proof during a court case. However, cases of general neglect can be the most difficult to prove, affecting the resident’s overall emotional well-being.

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