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When the police and prison guards overstep their bounds of authority, what recourse is there for the victims? Can the police just get away with violating a person’s civil rights?

Police officers and prison guards are employed to protect us from harm, not mete out physical punishment. The law protects all citizens, including people accused or convicted of crimes, from violence at the hands of the police. The attorneys of The Stein Law Group, PLLC provide strong representation to victims of police brutality throughout New York.

If you are a victim of police brutality or prison guard abuse, it’s important to contact a lawyer immediately.

A police misconduct complaint involving the use of excessive force is unforgivable. The fact that the same people we trust to guarantee the safety and security of the public, can also abuse that trust by causing physical harm to the members of that public, is appalling. By law, a police officer may use only as much physical force as is needed to control a situation. If a person involved in a routine traffic stop or arrest is respectful and cooperating with the officer, no physical force should be required.

You do have rights! Contact The Stein Law Group, PLLC to talk to a police brutality attorney. Our qualified and experienced lawyers will offer a confidential and honest assessment of your case. Our law firm has the experience to take on any police brutality case. We can handle cases involving police beatings, police shootings, false arrest, taser and stun gun use. and more.

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